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Buff Gens


New member
Sep 17, 2018
With our ore spawns in generators (which is 85% cobble), you can have a god pic (eff 5 unb 3 fort 3 mending) and your pic will still take durability over time.

While the durability isnt as noticeable with a god pic, it still loses durability.

In which rendering mending useless.

I would like to request that you buff ore spawns, even if its just coal that you buff, possibly drop cobble rates to 65% and increase coal or iron spawns on the ore generators.

This is an extremely big deal that Jack doesnt realize, if you have a god pic that you cant afford to lose, you cant use it while afking over night or else there is a 100% it will break.

> https://gyazo.com/75ba322d308656440ac2983ac25b12d1 <

^ Above we have a god pic on our alt that has been mining for around an hour now.

> https://gyazo.com/d44da5cdc72cdd80c9ed15f5a9589f23 <

^ Above we show how little the spawns are on our alt miner
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